Students’ Photo Exhibition at Avicenna University

Journalism Department of Social Sciences Faculty of Avicenna University conducted a three-day student photo exhibition from December 17-19, 2019 at Avicenna University.

Dr. Aliyawar Akbari, Dean of Social Sciences Faculty of Avicenna University at the inauguration of the exhibition pointed out that “journalists work is converting events to news” and added that news is the report of actual reality.

Dr. Akbari expressed that when journalists try to see the reality and then report to others but language and words are unable to articulate the event/reality but the receiver imagine the reality based on his/her experiences (not based on the experiences of reporter) so the meaning of the message is understood differently to the receiver.

Dean of the faculty is mentioning that picture is recording a moment of the reality but not the reality in total. He added that journalists in order to prevent failure of the message between receiver and senders, recording the moment or the moments to reflect at least part of the reality.

Mr. Akbari also mentioned that journalists are trying to picture the reality as visual, but photographer mindset is effective during photographing. He concluded that conducting these kinds of students’ photo exhibition are great achievement for students as well as the university and they are useful in students’ future careers and success.

Mr. Abbas Mohammadi, head of the department of journalism of Avicenna University mentioned that the purpose of this exhibition is to promote students’ motivation for practical works and added that students can see the works of each other and judge about them. He continued that there are 45 photos from 35 students exposed to the panel members who were invited from outside of the University.

Mr. Mohammadi thanked all the students who sent photos and added that some of the photos were in very low resolution, so they were not being selected for print and exhibition.

At the end, Mr. Mohammadi promised that a wider and better exhibition will be held next year to accommodate more photos and more practical works of students.