Services Unit Manager

Name: Mohammad Ashraf Rahimi

Education Level: High School

Date of Birth: 1977


Services and Maintenance Management

Services Department is managing security, purchases, procurement, safety and health, nutrition and food, transport, clearance and maintenance of the university as well as management of its property. This department is doing most of the physical works of the university and has the highest human resources.

Job Description

  • Providing washing and safety materials for safety and health services
  • Repairing damaged administrative properties
  • Monitoring and maintenance of electricity generators
  • Monitoring, maintenance and repairing heating and cooling facilities
  • Maintaining university green spaces
  • Improvement of facing of different sections of the university and its internal and external decoration
  • Monitoring and maintenance of conference room for holding/conducting university’s events
  • Supporting service delivery of foods and refreshments for the university’s events
  • Monitoring and maintenance of desks, chairs and other class facilities and repairing while needed.
  • Ensuring safety and security of the university personnel
  • Purchasing and repairing of equipment based on request of the departments
  • Process all the procurement and purchase of the university
  • Inventory of all the goods and office facilities
  • Monitoring of inventory and its distribution
  • University property registration and tagging