Information Technology Manager

Information Technology Manager

Name: Mahmood Karimi

Education Level: Bachelor in Information Technology

Date of Birth: 1992



  • IT Staff of Paidak Company – Iran
  • IT Manager with Alna Production
  • Networking Teacher with Tech-Box Academy
  • Networking Teacher with Allama University
  • Networking Teacher with Avicenna University
  • IT Manager with Avicenna University

IT Manager

IT Manager is maintaining and managing all the hardware, software, data, networks and IT facilities of the University. IT responsibilities of the university are including all the responsibilities related to IT like change management, software design, network programming, technical maintenance etc. IT department of Avicenna University has two personnel including IT manager and a technical staff with the following responsibilities:

IT Descriptions

  • Installation of Microsoft Servers including active directory, DHCP, DNS, File Sharing and backup).
  • Installation of cisco firewall for university data maintenance
  • Local networks structure
  • Installation micro-tech routers for traffic division
  • University’s internet bandwidth management
  • Installation of security cameras
  • Installation of local telephone system
  • Network services
  • Computer lab problems solutions and its maintenance
  • Managing university website
  • Managing university’s net-café