Accounting Manager

Name: Mohammad Younus Norband Hazara

Education Level: Master of Political Sciences

Date of Birth: 1977



– Accounting Manager at the universities of Katib and Aboraihan

– Finance Advisor at the University of Istiqlal and Kateb High School

– Accounting Manager at Avicenna University

Accounting Unit

The focus of this unit is the measurement, collection, analysis, preparation, interpretation and exchange of financial data for the purpose of planning, evaluation and control of university resources and ensuring proper utilization of these resources. This unit currently has a manager and three staff and the job description is as following:

  • Managing financial accounts of the university (balance, ledger, journal and etc
  • Recording financial data in the financial system (students fees, examinations and other revenues
  • Registration of finances coming out of the university publication based on the contracts, types of works and payment filings.
  • Development and process of financial statements of the university
  • Controlling payroll, overtime, taxes and etc.
  • Checking bank statements
  • Addressing students problems
  • Clearance of students who are graduating
  • Development and organizing financial receipts
  • Classification of financial accounts (revenues, expenditures and other assets) and their filing based on their types
  • Controlling salary taxes monthly
  • Controlling salary list monthly
  • Development and organization of checks and their process
  • Controlling advance payments and loans and clearing them monthly
  • Controlling purchases
  • Reporting balance monthly and developing financial reports quarterly
  • Preparation of financial report of scholarships
  • Working on developing university’s financial process
  • Working on developing university’s financial budget for each departments and units.