Research Directorate

Mohammad Sadeq Dehqan has PHD and appointed as the director for Research Department of Avicenna University and started his work in 2017. Dr. Dehqan was born in 1978 in Kabul City and then migrated to Iran with his family in 1981. After finishing high school, he participated in Kankor Examination in 2006 and entered in to Tehran University and graduated his bachelor degree in 2000 and then continued his master degree at Mofid University until 2006. He has defended his thesis on “Afghanistan and Rights to Development”. The book “Afghansitan and rights for Development” has got the first position in book festival of “Allama Mahmood Tarzi” which is held in 2008 at the Center for Strategic Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Dr. Dehqan has entered to Behishti University in 2009 to study his PHD in International Law and defended his Dissertation on “Dawlate Salih or Government Authority in Afghanistan” in the area of good governance and received very high score. His research and academic experiences are summarized as following:

Research and Academic Activities
1 Member of Board of Founders “Afghanistan Legal Research and Studies Center 2006-2011
2 Member of Academic Board of Magazine “Legal Studies” (first legal academic and research magazine in Afghanistan) 2006-2011
3 Chief Editor of volume 6th and 13th of Legal Studies Magazine 2006-2009
4 Human Rights Group Leader of “Salamat Right” at Islamic Jurisprudence Studies Center In Iran 2005-2006
5 Authoring legal articles 2001 up to now
6 Member of Afghanistan Studies Center 2001 -2003
7 Member of Academic Board of Afghanistan Studies Magazine 2001-2003
8 Member of Writers’ Council of Pazhohan Legal and Academic Magazine, Tehran University 2011 up to now
9 Lecturing law (both in Bachelor and Master degrees) in Avicenna University, Afghanistan University and Payame Noor University 2008-2017
10 Chief Editor of Kitabe Sina Research and Academic Magazine 2017 up to now

Dr. Dehqan was very interested in book reading and Persian literature even during his high school age because of the efforts that his grand-father, father and the family put on education. He has seriously worked on poetry and text edition since 1990 and got the second position in poetry-a competition held in 1997 which directed him to “Azad” Poem. He has started his cooperation with the students’ media (Pamir, Pohantoon, Aryana, Manzar, Neda and Kilkin) from the beginning of his studies and has served as founder, member of founding board, member of author’s council, chief editor of some of the students’ media including Pohantoon, Farhange Danishjo, Qaraate Sabz, Ahle Qalam, Khozran and Barf. After journalism certificate from Media Research and Studies Center of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Ershad of Iran in 2002, he got the second position in writing social articles in the first student media festival at Tehran University. He got membership of Afghanistan Literature House; he served as communication manager, vice president and finally president of the house from 2014 to 2018.

Dr. Dehqan started text editing since 1996 and served as chief editor, editing monitor and editing evaluator, editing advisor of different Nashirs in addition to editing unlimited books and magazines. He was editing manager and chief editor of Sada wa Sima Islamic Research Center from 2000 to 2014 and also served as member of managing board, production manager and chief editor of Tak Publication in the years of 2017 to 2018.

Dr. Dehqan is currently member of managing board of “Afghanistan Literature House”, member of writers’ council of Seraj Socio-Cultural Magazine and member of writers’ council of Contemporary Literature Magazine. Some of his literature and cultural activities are as following:

Literature and Cultural Activities
1 Member of writers’ council of Farkhar Magazine (Poem Specialized Magazine of Afghanistan Literature House) 2002-2008
2 Chief Editor of Farkhar Magazine (Poem Specialized Magazine of Afghanistan Literature House) 2009-2013
3 Member of executive and policy council of Qande Parsi Literature Festival (specialized for Afghanistan poem and youth stories) 2005 up to now
4 Secretary of Qande Parsi third and fourth festivals (specialized for Afghanistan poem and youth stories) 2005 and 2006
5 Academic Manager of Qade Parsi Fifth and Seventh Festivals (specialized for Afghanistan poem and youth stories) 2009 to 2013
6 Secretary of the series of symposiums for Kabul Nights Literature Critics 2008 to 2009
7 Secretary of Qande Parsi sixth, eighth and ninth festival (specialized for Afghanistan poem and youth stories) 2010-2017
8 Chief Editor of Nafa 2007
9 Project Assistant of Mawlana International Yearly in Seraj Magazine 2007
10 Publication of poems, articles related to cultural issues and literature in dailys, weeklys, magazines and cultural websites in Iran and Afghanistan like Karnama, Nafa, Zindaroad, Sharq, Farkhar, Khate Siwom, Fajre Omid, Kalama, Farhikhtagan, Aqraba, Khat Akhar, Simorgh, Kamwa, Kolagh, Shabaka Aftab, Contemporary Literature and etc. 1995 up to now
11 Publication of poem “Qonote Darya, 2000”, “Shab ki az Poste Man Gozasht, 2008”, “Dar Kochahay Shear” (collection of students poems, 2000), “Dar Qabe Ayina, 2015”, “Yak Kilkin was Sad Gonjishk, 2015”, “Yak Peyala Chai ba Arzohay Kochik, 2015”, “Didar Dar Matne Khorshid, 2016”, and “Kheyabanhay be Tarikh, 2019” Techniques”. 2000 up to now
12 Teaching “Editing Technique”, “Administrative Editing”, “Writing and Editing” and “Writing 2001 up to now