Research Projects

Project Title Career Counselling Center
Period(Months) 6-Months
year 2017 – 2018
Project Objective Demand from Market, based on that Provide counselling, trainings, Job Development and job placements
Project Results The result of this project is training 310 fresh graduates and placing 155 of them in the work environment.
Total Budget 120000 USD
Funding Sources
and type of
Afghanistan Workforce Development Program (AWDP) grant project contracted with Avicenna University with the grant title of AWDP-G-
13/03. Najim Fahmi, Phone# 0783585903, email:


Project Title Translation, Design and printing 11 modules of APCICT egovernment documents of Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
Period(months) 3.5 Months
Year October 28, 2017 to Feb 15, 2018
Project Objectives Translation, Design and printing 11 modules of APCICT egovernment documents
Project Results Eleventh modules are translated from English to Dari and Pashto, Designed and printed
Total Budget 5328309 AFN
Funding sources
and types of
It is a project designed by the MoCIT and supported financially by USAID. Contact Person: Mohammad Hakim
Project Title Impact of climate change and variability and land use change on
water resources: a case study of Kabul River Basin and Amu Darya
River Basins
Period(Months) December 15, 2015 to December 14, 2016
Year 2015 and 2016
The Project addresses two main objectives.
1. The research team will work on recovering the gap of observed
climate data to create a dataset combining historical climate and
hydrologic data from Afghan stations and information from the
University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit.
2. To translate the meaning of these data to the country’s
mountainous regions, where surface data have been sparse even
during the best of times, the researchers will compare their
reconstructions of surface measurements with remotely sensed
data of snow cover and snow water equivalent derived by their
U.S. Partner covering the period from 2000 to the present
Project Results The period of this project is from 2015 to 2018 and divided to 3 phase,
phase is successfully completed and second phase is under process. The
result of first phase is an article published in the Global Research and
Development Journal for Engineering under the title, “Ensemble GCMs
climate change projections for Kabul River basin, Afghanistan under
representative concentration pathways”
Total Budget 333782 USD
Funding sources
and types of
Assistance in Management of USAID’s Partnerships with NSF and
Activities to Promote Global S&T Partnerships (PEER Health). NAS
Program Officer: Dalal Najib, Phon & email: (202) 334-1367;