Library and Center of Documents


Library of Avicenna University is established at the same time with the university in 2010 by the founders of the university. At the beginning, there were 3000 books, a study saloon with the capacity of 4 tables containing 10 persons to seat and later on number of books increased significantly. In addition, quality of library service delivery is also improved significantly and still works are being done to improve services. One of the examples of these improvements is online database that has the ability to search the library books, thesis and other materials as well as the reserve services and borrowing books and etc.

In the library, there are books in Philosophy, Religions and its fractions, Islam, History and Geography, Economics and Management, Sociology, Political Science and International Relation, Law, Education, Architecture, Literature, Sciences, Agriculture, Technology, Computer Sciences and Engineering that lecturers and students can use. Based on the new development plan, Avicenna University is planning to purchase new books annually.

In addition to the library, study saloon is available with the appropriate space for students to study during free time. Avicenna University signed a MoU with Afghanistan Center for Kabul University (ACKU) so that students of Avicenna University can use of the ACKU information. Avicenna University is planning to sign MoUs with different centers at the national and international level so that students can access to more resources.

Rules and Regulation of the Library

  • Lecturers and students of Avicenna University can get library membership
  • Duration of the membership for bachelor degree students are four years, for master degree students are two years and for lecturers are up to the end of their contracts.
  • Referring to the borrowing table, presenting the card is mus.
  • Nobody can use of the cards of others
  • Book shelfs are only accessible to the library staff, requesters can either request responsible staff to find their books or search through online database.
  • Maintaining the books in good condition is the responsibility of the borrowers.
  • In case the borrowers are not able to submit the books on-time, they will be penalized in cash or their memberships will be suspended.
  • Theses and monographs are not allowed for external use, only allowable to be used within the library.


Using Study Saloon

  • Study saloon is open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Using saloon is free for students
  • Saloon is silent for better study
  • Mobile and laptops are silent
  • Group study and discussion is restricted to not create noise
  • Food items and beverages are restricted in the saloon
  • Saloon is kept clean and neat .

Who can get membership:
-Current lecturer and students of Avicenna University
-Accept library and study saloon rules and regulations
-After filling in the membership form, pay membership fees (250 AFN) to the accountant and receipt should be attached to the membership form and also two photos all together should be delivered to library manager to get membership card.

Termination of the Membership:

  • Membership card is issued to contract lecturers until the end of their contracts and for students until the end of their educational period;
  • Bachelor students and master students who are studying at the university can get different membership cards for each period;
  • With completion of each educational period and students’ financial clearance, their membership will be terminated, until that time all the books should be returned to the university, cleared their obligations to the university and clearance form should be signed.

Library Employees

  1. Director of the library and scientific research:

Full Name: Hussain Agha Fayaz

Education: Bachelor

Position: Director of the library and scientific research