Research Center

Avicenna research center is an active research center in the Afghanistan, member of this center with PhD and Master degree has years of experience in research and has been developed many research project in various field. The research center in Avicenna University has two departments:
I. Publication department focuses on publishing text books which is the main needs of academic area and
students. It is a newly established department until now there published near 10books. In addition to a research which is the official responsibility of research center, this department is to establish a series of specialized research centers in its strategic plan to satisfy the research needs of Afghanistan society. Currently the research division of the institution is active and working on plans and projects about fundamental researches on Afghanistan history and culture. Avicenna aims to establish the following research centers according to its strategic development plan:
Human rights research center
Peace and democracy research center
Women studies research center
Center of developing and providing educational books.

II. Research department which aims implementing the research project such as poverty, addicts’ issues, disabled people, unemployment, force children in labor, air pollution, family violence, corruption, street harassment, social security, crime against children. The research department has been developed the following project with details