Publication Directorate

Book is the oldest heritage of human being. Human being used skins and bones of animals, Egyptian pipros and Chinese papers are all means of recording which is not insignificant pride. We are now sitting on the human being collective knowledge and we are using these knowledge which is a big and unique blessing. Continuation of knowledge is related to continuous interactions, its explanation and interpretation as well its renovation and reframing. Knowledge is not created once, and the knowledge created previously are not accessible so that we can use anytime we want. Existing philosophy of each university is production of new knowledge and exploration and valuation of previous knowledge. This mission is prompting universities to pursue publication specially printing and publication of books domestically. Avicenna University understands this important mission and the importance of book and other documents in the society, and established a publication institution within the structure of the research center of the university. Establishing a publication institution within the university is based on the academic needs of the society and university from one hand and needs of educated class of the society specially students from other hand.
Avicenna University Publication is established under the Research Directorate of the University to address the abovementioned needs and its objectives and backgrounds are illustrated below:
Avicenna University was trying to find ways to print and publish university lecturers’ books and documents from the very beginning when the university was established. But challenges were not allowing to achieve this objective. With all these challenges and shortages, the university has started writing and publication of the books.
dissemination of knowledge, promotion of printing industry of the country, motivation of writings and authors and accessibility of their books are the main objectives of publication unit of the University but specifically the publication unit is following the below objectives:
– Publication of books of lecturers and academic board of the university
– Publication of lecturers and academic cadres of other universities
– Publication of books needed for students
– Motivate and support lecturers who write and author books
From the time Avicenna University established this unit, we have published 17 books with 22000 numbers. Some of these books are published with the financial support of Megragan Foundation. Publication and dissemination of the book Tohfa Alhabib written by Faiz Mohammad Katib and Erfan Jami written by Allama Mohammad Esmail Moballigh are also published in this center. It is worth to mention that all the books of Moballigh will be published through this publication center.