Sociology Department

Social affair is one of the important events of the world after enlightenment. Social affair opened a new window for academic thinking and reflections. Genesis of social sciences is one of the consequences of emerging social affair. Sociology has a special place among the fields of social sciences. The main goal of this field is understanding and explanation of modern society leading to awakening which is achievable only through the isolation from tradition and transition from dominant theoretical and conceptual foundations and methodologies.

Sociology changed western human body and as a result, their world also changed. Since then sociology has reached to various domains. Aside from theoretical and methodological discussions, sociology covers the most important aspects of human social lives. For example: political sociology, sociology of social classes and inequalities, media and communication sociology, literature and arts sociology, urban sociology and religion sociology etc.

Essence of sociology is liberation. Humans have opened its path to liberation through sciences. With the expansion of sciences and with its role in academe, new tools for understanding, interpretation and explanation of human phenomenon are also created. Sociology made it possible for us to understand human’s complicated life through academic wisdom.