Social Relations (Journalism)

Journalism Department of Avicenna University started its academic works in 2010 to develop human resources required for government departments, ministries, embassies, news agencies, media, radios and TVs. In bachelor degree that continues for four years, students will study 136 credits in theories and also practical works. The goal of this department is to develop the capacity of human resources to be able to produce radio and TV programs and executives in media and arts. Some of the main courses in this field are: visual articulation and understanding, direction and programming of TV programs, designing and writing Film Manuscripts, single-camera programming, TV documentary, writing radio programs, radio journalism, digital photography, photo journalism, basics of filming and picturing, basics of mass media communication, principles of journalism and etc.

Some of essential journalism subjects are as follow:
– Visual Perception and Expression,
– Directing TV Programs,
– Design and Script Writing Workshop,
– Single-Camera Program Production,
– TV Documentary,
– Radio Script Writing and Program Production,
– Radio Journalism,
– Digital Photography,
– Photojournalism (News Photography),
– Basics Of Shooting,
– Basics Of Production,
– Introduction to TV Instruments,
– Press Graphics,
– News Writing For Print, Audial and Visual Media,
– Mass Communication Theories,
– Editing and News Management,
– Critique and Commenting on Print Articles,
– Specialized Journalism,
– Graphic and Layout of Print Media,
– Psychology, and
– Principles Of Journalism.