Social Science Faculty

Theoretical sciences have been extensively built on and include a vast area of studies. Expansion of social sciences and emergence of new sub-disciplines and interdisciplinary subjects is aimed at addressing diverse needs of human being and is expected to grow further as societies continue transforming.

Social Sciences Faculty has started from the establishment of Avicenna University in 2010 and four sections were also created.

The ‘Social Science’ was one of the very initial subjects included in Avicenna University Course Programs. Following founding Avicenna, Social Sciences Faculty began operating under three departments, namely Sociology, Philosophy, and Social Communication (Journalism). English Language was added to the existing program a year later.

The Faculty is dedicated to support theoretical knowledge and respond to increasing demands for social studies and researches. Having developed a comprehensive curriculum based on international top benchmarks, Avicenna is determined to lead change and development of social knowledge. To this end, the University has been, in addition to the coursework, conducting training workshops to beef up theoretical comprehension of relevant subject matters.

Radio and TV Production Studio

Radio and TV production studio of Social Sciences Department of Avicenna University is established for journalism students to learn theories through practical works and by imitating working environment of Radio and TV. All practical works of journalism field will be performed in this studio with the direction of journalism lecturers. Students also use this studio for their practical works related to their courses.