Dean of the Political Science Faculty

Introduction of dean of political science faculty

Name: Mozaffar Khawari

Education Level: Master of International Relation from Tehran University

Teaching and Management Experiences:

  1. Dean of Political Science Faculty from 2015 up to now
  2. Secretary of Avicenna University’s Board of Trustees from 2015 to 2019
  3. Chief Editor of Sina Book specialized to Law and Politics from 2015 to 2019
  4. Member of Board of Founders of Avicenna University

Slogan of Political Science Faculty of Avicenna University

Politics and Rationality

Mission Statement of Political Science Faculty of Avicenna University

Political Science Faculty of Avicenna University’s mission is delivering educational and research services at the national and regional level. The focus of this faculty is development and teaching of political knowledge in both bachelor and master degrees.

Considering the shortage of technical human resources in the area of political science, other mission of the faculty is to develop technical and effective human resources for private and public sectors. While emphasizing on the security of quality labor market needs, the faculty is trying to restore political science role to its original role with coordination of other academic institutions in the country. Its original role is being a path for development, security and progress of the country.