Academic Cadres of Political Science Faculty

  1. Zakir Hussain Ershad, Political Science PHD and vice president for academic affairs of the University
  2. Muzaffar Khawari, Master of IR and Dean of the Faculty
  3. Mohammad Shafaq Khawati, PHD in Political Science and Director of M.Aship program  at the University
  4. Sardar Mohammad Rahimi, PHD in Political Geography and Deputy Ministry of Education for Literacy
  5. Assadulla Amiri, PHD in Political Sciences

Hamkar Lecturers

  1. Mahdi Arefi, PHD in Political Science (PS)
  2. Mohsin Rashid, PHD in PS
  3. Wahid Binish, PHD in PS
  4. Mohammad Jawad Salehi, PHD in PS and Chancellor of Gawharshad University
  5. Mohammad Amin Haidari, PHD in PS
  6. Mohammad Arif Karimi, Master of PS
  7. Azizulla Esfandyari, Master of IR
  8. Hadisa Ahmadi, PHD in PS
  9. Mahmood Haidari, Master of PS
  10. Mohammad Jawad Haidari, PHD in Development Economics