Political Science Faculty

Introduction of Political Science Faculty

This faculty is established at the same time when Avicenna University is established in 2010 which has two fields of International Relation and Political Thoughts so far.

Employ ability of Political Sciences:

One of the three pillars of the state is executive pillar which includes ministries, executive and administrative offices of the government and political science graduates can play important role in serving to this pillar of the state.

Students can serve as government employees both at the national level and also at the provincial levels. Aside from the government, they can also work at the judicial bodies specially parliament, country’s diplomatic agency (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and with media.


Political Science faculty consists of two departments:

  1. International Relations
  2. Political Thought

Values of Political Science Faculty

  1. Rationality and rationalization
  2. Justice
  3. Social and religious tolerance
  4. Emphasis on democracy, humanity and human rights
  5. Adhere to human and religious values

Strategic Objectives of Political Science Faculty

  1. Continuous improvement of educational quality
  2. Its promotion to national and regional level
  3. Development and empowerment of academic cadres
  4. Improvement (termination, revision and combination) of available fields and expansion of new fields
  5. Development and promotion of academic research activities
  6. Publication of research and academic quarterly
  7. Creating and maintaining competitive power in delivering services
  8. Improving quality and quantity of learning and research facilities of the faculty through the help of chancellor and vice chancellors of the university.
  9. Efforts for developing projects at the university
  10. Improvement of employ ability of graduates and introducing them to the market.