Law Mission Elements

Mission Statement of the Law Faculty of Avicenna University

The following are the mission elements of Law Faculty of Avicenna University.

  1. Delivery of research and learning services for students at the national and regional level and priority programs of this department are focused on criminal law, criminology, private and public law in bachelor degree and criminal law, criminology and private law at the master degree.Considering the fact that knowledge about law is two dimensional; practical and theoretical and both of these dimensions are being thought in bachelor degree through lectures and legal clinics. These are mixed in a way that students will be able to use their theoretical knowledge in their future careers as prosecutors, judges, defense lawyer and legal advisors practically.The second objective of legal clinics is to deepen understanding of academic topics through theoretical explanations and practical works.The third objective is provision of legal advices to the public which will be launched very soon.
  2. The second mission element is capacity building of academic staff in the areas of research and learning and promotion of innovation among the staff so that as a result, higher quality education will be provided to law students.
  3. Supplying quality human resources for market so that would be recognized as a useful and effective academic agency at national and regional level and also seeking the help of other academic agencies for reaching these mission elements.