Dean of Law Faculty

Abdul Wahab Karimi, PHD

Mr. Karimi is Son of Mr. Ibrahim who is candidate PHD in the field of Criminal Law and Criminology. He has completed his bachelor degree from Imam Khomaini Research and Educational Institute of Qom in 2006 and completed his Master degree in 2010 at the same institution. Mr. Karimi is still studying his PHD and he has 7 years of teaching experiences.


  1. Books:
    1. Jurisprudence and Legal assessment of leaving acts in accrual of criminal material elements, about to be published by Imam Khomaini Research and Educational Institute.
    2. Private criminal law (1) crimes against persons total body, about to be published by Avicenna University Publication.
    3. Private criminal law; crimes against property, under publications.
  2. Eleven academic articles published in the renowned academic magazines.
  3. Twelve teaching chapters in different law subjects.