Financial Management and Banking Department

Financial Management and Banking Field

Economic management of the country is possible through its monetary and financial controls which need to be properly planned, monitored and controlled. Financial planning brings about synchronization between the use of human resources and other resources in the country.

Banking management is one of the important tools for identification and implementation of monetary policy. Analysis of banks performance and implementation of monetary policies show us what policies are working and what policies are not and then put them on the table of bank managers and financial institutions.

Addressing this basic need is the main motivation behind establishing this department at Avicenna University. This may help knowledge development at the country’s monetary and financial institutions addressing needs of banks, monetary and financial institutions in private and public sectors that need quality human resources.

Financial management banking is a field where students will get familiar with the analytical and descriptive aspects of money, banking, basics of management, financial and human resources management, legal discussions and accounting. The graduates of this field has various kinds of employment opportunities in banks and furthermore they will also be working in the national banking (financial and monetary planning, organizational structure, management of branches, credits, information, investment, public relation, and other services and also international banking (imports, credits, documents, arbitrages and other affairs).

Students of this field can use series of decision making models and quantitative methods like statistics ad researches to determine policies and strategic programs for success of financial institutions.

Financial Management and Banking Field Objectives

  1. Training and developing the capacities of human resources in the area of financial management and banking.
  2. Developing technical capacities of human resources for addressing the needs of market, institutions and banks at the private and public sector.
  3. Preparation of students for higher education including master and PHD degree in the relevant field.