Software Engineering

Software Engineering includes areas such as designing, programming, documentation, implementation and maintenance of software.

Abilities of Graduates

Graduates of computer science faculty have various kinds of abilities and competencies and may be able to solve lots of problems if they are leaded appropriately. Some of these abilities and competencies are as following:

  • Assessment, recognition and application of software programs
  • Needs assessment of software on industries and services and also developing needs assessment report, feasibility report and identification and human resources and tools to fill the gaps.
  • Classification and analysis of small and medium software systems and producing implementation plans.
  • Implementation of computer programs, installation, testing and teaching those programs.
  • Support and maintenance of sotware programs including identification and addressing errors and adding new features to the systems
  • Computer and computer systems shortages identification and addressing them
  • Design, construction, launch and maintenance of database and software systems

Future Careers

Some of the potential careers are as following:

  • Design and production of applications and systems
  • Design and implementation of administrative automation, accounting and bookkeeping, management of organizations and companies
  • Developing websites
  • Developing databases and its application in different programs
  • Developing programs for controlling and monitoring organizational units
  • Design and construction of internet services
  • Developing software required for monitoring systems of factories
  • Lecturers of universities and training centers
  • Establishing private companies for software services to companies, banks and government institutions
  • Working with private sector companies and government agencies
  • Production of electronic systems
  • Information technology