Information Technology

Introduction of Information Technology (IT)

this field deal with studies, design, development, implementation, security, maintenance and management of information systems which are based on computers, computer networks specially computer software and hardware and computer networks.

Objective of this department

The objective of this department is developing the capacities of students to be able to design, construct, implement, assessment, security and management of computer networks and hardware devices.

Abilities of the graduates

  • Assessment and recognition of computer networks software and hardware and its application
  • Assessment of shortages and computer networks hardware and software needs in industries and services and also writing their needs, feasibility studies and identification of tools and human resources required for addressing those shortages.
  • Classification and analysis of computer networks and hardware and also presenting appropriate solutions for their executions
  • Design, construction, launch, security, maintenance and supporting computer networks for companies
  • Execution of computer programs, installation, testing and teaching them
  • Support and maintenance of software systems including identification of errors and addressing them and also adding new features to the systems and computer networks.
  • Assessment of computers, computer systems and computer networks devices and addressing them
  • Management of computer networks

Future Careers of IT

Some of the careers in this field are:

  • Design, preparation and maintenance of local networks
  • Installation, preparation, maintenance and assessment of local and urban networks’ servers
  • Cabling, testing and assessment of networks
  • Repairing computer equipment, software and hardware
  • Classification and analysis of computer networks and hardware and also presenting appropriate solutions for their executions
  • Management and security of networks
  • Design and construction of internet services programs
  • Design, preparation and maintenance of network wireless
  • Lecturers at the universities
  • Establishing private companies for software services to companies, banks and government institutions
  • Working at companies and telecommunications
  • Production of electronic government systems

In general, considering the above mentioned information, job opportunities of computer science are far more than any other fields. Contemporary life is very much dependent on computer knowledge and computer related management is indispensable for all public and private sector. ministry of communication and information technology has direct role in recruiting graduates and other ministries are also in need to human resources graduate of this field.