Computer Science Faculty

Introduction of Computer Science Faculty of Avicenna University

Computer Science is a collection of fields and skills tackling on theories, design, construction and usage of computer.

In general, the public do not differentiate between computer science and other aspects of computer which are used for revenues in the market. They think that computer science is not different with all their daily computer related activities including searching in the internet and computer games while computer science is dealing with understanding and assessing characteristics that facilitate developing computer programs. Based on these understanding, improve current programs or creating new programs. This piece of knowledge is folded as an educational field in 1960 for the first time and accepted as a degree with valid certificate.

Departments in Computer Science

Computer science includes various subjects like theoretical studies of algorithms, limitations of computation, hardware, software and other computer applications. The Computer Sciences Accreditation Board has identified four critical fields:

  1. Theory of Computations
  2. Algorithms and Data Structures
  3. Programming Languages
  4. Computer Architecture

In addition to all of these areas, the board also considers software engineering, artificial intelligence, computer networks, database systems, Parallel Pardazishe, computer and human relation, computer graphics, operating systems and digital computation very important in this area.

Computer Science in Avicenna University

Avicenna University has established CS faculty in 2012 after getting license from MoHE, considering its importance and values, current market demand, the effects of CS on economic development of the country and transformation of the country into an information society and developed country. Avicenna University has promoted department of computer science to computer science faculty after one year and also got membership of Cisco Academy. Computer Science faculty has two departments including software engineering and information technology.