Study of Dutch Deceases and Resource Curse in Economics of Afghanistan

This seminar was held by Business Economic Department of Economic Faculty of Avicenna University. There were two speakers; Mohammad Amir Noori, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of Avicenna University and Mohammad Reza Farzam, Lecturer of Kabul University. The seminar was held in 24/7/1398 from 11:00 to 12:30 in Allama Mohammad Ismail Balkhi Tallar of Avicenna University.

The seminar started by Dr. Mohammad Jawad Haidari, welcoming guests and introduced speakers of the event.

Mr. Mohammad Amir Noori started his speech by defining Dutch Deceases, continued assessing those kinds of problems in Afghanistan economy. He has practically compared unity government and Karzai government considering those problems and concluded that Holandi Deceases were persistently available in the previous government of Karzai.

The second speaker was Mohammad Reza Farzam, Kabul University Lecturer who started his speech on resource curse and how it existed in Afghanistan Economy. He explained the concepts, theories and some practical examples of resource curse in Afghanistan. He added some successful breakthrough and successful examples from other countries that could use of their natural resources in boosting and developing their economy including but not limited to Norway, Botswana and Alaska. Other countries like Sere-lion that has rich diamond resources which caused severe civil wars. He concluded that natural resources neither can cause growth and development nor prevent growth and development but it is related to government policies on how to use them.

At the end, Dr. Haidari thanked speakers, audiences and guests and closed the event.