Provision of Scholarships (Grants for Students) for Poor Students at Avicenna University

First Report:

One of the development projects of Avicenna University is provision of scholarships for poor and marginalized students through “Grants for Students” approach. This program helps reaching educational justice. This program is funded either by the University or by the philanthropy at the national and international level which is started by the International Campaign for Avicenna University. This is the first report developed for this program as we have had grants for students before and their reports are published by the website of the University.

Rawande Nawine Jaghori

Rawande Nawine Jaghori is a cultural philanthropic organization which is established in Kabul by Haji Parwarish; an Afghan philanthropist living in Australia and the organization is managed by some social activists. This organization has funded 8 students from current mid-year 1398. Haji Nawroz funded 8 scholarships, Haji Parwarish funded two scholarships and three scholarships’ funds are collected from the public. Details of the students who got funded are below:

Sr. No Shift Gender Province Semester Field of Study Department Name
1 Day Female Ghazni First Criminology Law Student
2 Day Male Ghazni First Business Economics Economics Student
3 Day Female Ghazni First Banking and Financial Management Economics Student
4 Day Female Ghazni First Engineering Engineering Student
5 Day Male Ghazni First International Relation Political Science Student
6 Day Male Ghazni First Business Economics Economics Student
7 Day Male Ghazni First Journalism Social Sciences Student
8 Day Female Ghazni First Civil Engineering Engineering Student
9 Day Female Ghazni First Business Economics Economics Student

Hussain Ali Amini, A Lawyer Living in Melborne

Mr. Amini is a lawyer, former lecturer of Herat University and member of Folad Association which is established by Afghans in Melborne. Mr. Amini has funded three scholarships for the current semester of the year 1398. The detail of the students’ information is summarized below:

Sr. No Name Department Field of Study Province Score % Gender Amount of Scholarships
1 Student Engineering Engineering Daikondi 73% Female 192640 AFN
2 Student Social Sciences Journalism Maidan Wardak 82% Female 114560 AFN
3 Student Engineering Civil Engineering Bamyan 86% Male 192640 AFN