Launching Ceremony of Private Criminal Law of Afghanistan Book at Avicenna University

Private Criminal Law of Afghanistan and Criminal against Properties book was written by Dr. Abdul Wahab Karimi, Lecturer of Avicenna University and published by Wazha (word) Publications which was launched on Monday October 28, 2019 Avicenna University. This program was started with the presence of University Lecturers, Students of Law and some other cultural activists.

At the beginning, the author of the book, Dr. Karimi started his speech saying that four kinds of crimes are defined in the book; Classic Theft, Cyber Theft, Expropriation of moveable goods and the components of these crimes are also explained. Dr. Karimi also mentioned that these crimes are reflected in the criminal code of Afghanistan but in some cases that the author is not agree with, has reflected in the book with the critics and explanations.

Dr. Ahmad Reza Sadiqi was another speaker of this event who is also lecturer of Avicenna University and also one of the authors of Afghanistan Criminal Code. In his speech, Dr. Sadiqi mentioned that we are suffering from the shortage of teaching text books and this book will be used as a teaching book. He also added that there are different sources in the area of law which are not adoptable in Afghanistan.

Dr. Sadiqi continued that this book is useful for the academic society where the author used first hand sources from Arabic as well where the topics are discussed thoroughly. The book is written in a good manner with good openings and conclusions for each and every discussion.

Dr. Sadiqi also mentioned that this book is a teaching book and the book need to have learning objectives, assumed cases, critical thoughts and ending questions in later versions.