Hult Prize Program at Avicenna University

Hult Prize program was held in Avicenna University for two days in December 26-27, 2019. Ali Reza Rahimi Hult Prize Program representative at Avicenna University launched the program mentioned that there were 17 teams, each team with 3-4 members participated in this program. The program participants are current students of the University who came together to develop projects and present for judgement. This program started at 1:00 PM and continued until 4:00 PM.

In the first day, Mr. Naikbin Naikpay, founder of the group presented brief information about the Hult Prize and appreciated students who participated for this international completion.

In the second day, in addition to the program, participants were briefed about the projects. After that, students evaluated their teams; addressed their challenges and problems of their teams and presented their projects for board and participants for scoring. This program was judged by Mr. Saifulla Danishwar, Finance Manager of the Ministry of Mines and Petrolium, Tahir Rezaee, Entrepreneur and Fazl Wali Aziz, Advisor for Ministry of Water and Energy. The Board of Judges reviewed all the projects of the students and announced the winners who are going to be introduced for the Asia Competition.

The first winning team presented their project by the name of Clean House. The winning team members are Ms. Aziza Borhani, Momtaz Hussaini, Yadulla Sokhanwar and Nahid Ahmadi. The second team presented their project with the name of Solar Charges Mobile and their team members were Almas Noori, Azizulla Hasani and Abdul Khali Hafiz. The third winning team presented their project by the name of Software for Schools and the team members were Mr. Misbah, Sabira Khalili, Rashid Sultani and Anargol Hussaini.

Golabuddin Tatar, Hult Prize Representative in Afghanistan was also participated in this program and overseeing the processes.

The winning teams will be introduced to the Asian Competitions soon.