Forth Election debate was held at Avicenna University

Election Commission of Avicenna University’s Students Association held it is election debate between students’ candidates for the presidency of the students association on December 11, 2019 to support and maintain meritocracy. Four candidates presented their annual programs for students with presence of lecturers, founding members of students associations, members of students’ election commission, members, proponents and followers of electoral teams.

Main programs promised and presented to the participants by the candidates and their teams were including cultural, sports, academic, entertainment programs, holding academic seminar, reading book contests, sports matches, exposure visits, exhibitions, publication of students magazine, students association expansion and establishing new committees, capacity building programs for students, provision of educational scholarships for students, provision of employment opportunities for students and establishing relations with national and international agencies to support students.

The event was concluded with the questions and queries by the participants from the candidates and response were provided to the questions.