Celebration of Student Day and Awardee Students

The event started with citation of some versus of Holy Quran by one of the students of Avicenna University.

Dr. Ahmadi started his speech with congratulating student’s day to all students and especially awardee students who are being selected by the university as better students in their classes. He welcomed all the students and participants and thanked from all those who helped in organizing this event.

Dr. Ahmadi opened his discussion quoting from his previous speech and elaborated on those points. He mentioned that there are three values changed the world including knowledge, ethical evolution of the society as a whole, technology and the last one is freedom.

Dr. Ahmadi continued that Freedom is the most important element of being human and the freedom is the base of human rights. Freedom has benefits and disadvantages/unwilling results but according to john Stewart Mill its benefits are more important than its negative results. Each individual should manage their freedom to maximize the benefits. He added that human can maximize the benefits of freedom and minimize the unwilling consequences of freedom through knowledge application.

According to Dr. Ahmadi, the second value is ethical evolution of the society as a whole. He mentioned that our society is established based on hatred, murdering and corruption. If we want to be free of these problems and be a healthy society then we should go into an evolution process that corrupt individuals, do not select corrupt leaders and corrupt leaders do not keep corruption so we need to change the society ethically. Through this positive ethical evolution, culture of extremism and hatred will be vanished. Education and collective efforts of all the elements of the society is an important way to ethically transform the society.

The fourth value is technology where people need to use in all aspect of their lives to improve living conditions. You all know that Afghanistan is the poorest country in the world and we have to overcome this problem using technology. Through technology we can transform society into good and use them to develop our abilities and use them for developing society.

Dr. Ahmadi has appreciated talented students who use innovative ways in learning and received awards from national and international competitions. According to him, students need not only to memorize information but also to learn how to use them innovatively. He mentioned some students who gained innovative award presented by the European Union and other national and international organization through a very competitive process. These students applied independently who are the pride of the university and Afghanistan as a whole. He hoped that students with the support of the lecturers try their best to study hard and innovatively so that they will be able to help fellow country men and women in the society.

He concluded that there is a program implemented by the Quality Assurance that students should be shareholder of the university so that they feel ownership of the university and academic programs and try their best to promote the university.

After the speech delivered by Dr. Ahmadi, there was a music group who sung some songs for encouraging students to study well and after the music program, there were some declamations by the lecturers and students of the university.

Dr. Hassani also congratulated student’s day to all students and specially those who received awards and being selected as Awardee Students by Avicenna University. After that he presented his declamation about his students days years back.

After the declamation of Dr. Hassani, Ms. Marizia Sultani presented her declamation and finally appreciation certificates were distributed by the University officials, lecturers and speakers to awardee students who received Awards from the national and international competitions.