Celebration of International GIS Day at Avicenna University

Avicenna University celebrated International Day of GIS on November 21, 2019 at the University. The event started with citation of Holy Qoran and continued with the speech of Academic Vice Chancellor of the University.

Mohammad Amir Noori, Academic Vice Chancellor of the Univcersity appreciated presence of the participants and pointed out some GIS related achievements of the University including establishment of GIS section under Engineering Faculty.

Participants of the event were government high officials, lecturers and officials of Avicenna University including Dr. Ahmadi, the chancellor, Mr. Mohammad Amir Noori, Academic Vice Chancellor, Dr. Bashir Mohsin, City Planning of Kabul Municipality, Dr. Iqbal, EU project advisor and Lecturer of Shahid Rabbani Education University,  Mr. Nawroz Haidari, Lecturer of Kabul Polytechnic University, Mr. Hussain Rezaee, Dean of Engineering Faculty of Avicenna University and all the officials and lecturers of Engineering Faculty Avicenna University, representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Water, National Environment Authority, Urban Development and Arazi and representatives of private companies and students of national and international universities.

Why Celebrating International GIS Day

The day is celeberated to enhance and exhibit the capacity and ability of individuals and groups working in this area. In addition to this, the purpose of celebration is to gather subject matter experts and interested people to discuss on the following areas:

  • Introduction of Remote Sensing and Geography Information System
  • Express issues related to Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Express applications of RS and GIS in different areas
  • Introduction of untouched capabilities of GIS
  • Exhibition of leturers and students’s achievements in the area of RS and GIS
  • Exchange of information between students and lecturers
  • Introduction, development and creating occupational opportunities for students of GIS
  • Laise with government and private sector
  • Motivating GIS students
  • Increase in GIS applicants

The following presentations were presented:

  1. Assessment of Deh-Sabz Vegetation Change Detection Using Satellite Image from 2002 to 2016 presented by Asad Nataq Zada, student of Kabul University.
  2. Application of GIS and RS in Glaciers Assessment presented by Abdul Qayom Shakori, Student of Avicenna University. His assessment shows that the process of changes in glaciers of north areas of Afghanistan is very fast and resulted in reduction of 13% snow and glaciers in recent 25 years.
  3. Enterprise GIS presented by Polytechnic University Students. They introduced the enterprise GIS, discussed its characteristics and its application in government and private sector projects. At the end, they practically showed its works for the participants.
  4. Application of RS and GIS in Geology and Mining presented by Avicenna University Section Head. This system is used for detection of mines including gold and iron.
  5. The role of GIS in Urban Development was presented by the representative of the Ministry of Urban Development and Arazi where the focus was the application of this system for the urban development process of Kunduz city.
  6. Monitoring of Urban Heat Island of Kabul City by Remote Sensing & GIS presented by AU GIS Lecturer and discussed about the application of this system in assessing the effect of urban planning and vegetation on Urban Heat Island.

After the presentations, some questions were entertained by the subject matter experts and at the end of the event, awards presented to the GIS best students of Avicenna University.