Avicenna University entrance exam was held

On, Friday, Aug/26/2022, the entrance exam at Avicenna University was held with the participation of a large number of applicants in the presence of the supervisory board of the National Examinations Department, officials and professors of Avicenna University in Allameh Muhammad Ismail Mobaligh Hall.

The program began with recitation of the verses of the Holy Word of Allah (Quran), and followed by Dr. Mohammad Javad “Haidari” Vice President of Academic and Teaching at Avicenna University, speech while he was welcoming the supervisory board, praised the participation and active participation of the candidates for the entrance examination and appreciated their worthy selection and mentioned that Avicenna University is the only non-profit national university in the country, the majority of its professors are experts and have excellent doctoral degrees.  They follow the standard teaching method in the country.

Then Professor Mohammad Esrafil “Azadzoi”, the delegate of the National Examinations Department, by encouraging the youth to seek knowledge, reminded that Avicenna University is one of the best universities in the country with a high patent in graduation of mastering degree.

In the following, with the presence of the honorable delegation of the National Examinations Administration, the representative of students and officials of Avicenna University, the exam question packets were opened and the exam papers were distributed to the applicants by the members of Avicenna University Entrance Examination Committee.