Avicenna Students Association celebrated World Teachers’ Day

Avicenna Students Association held a festival under the title of “Teachers: Dynamic Symbol of Thought and Intellectuality” in Allama Mohammad Ismaeel Moballegh Auditorium due to the occasion of “World Teachers’ Day” on Sep, 26 2017.

Dr. Zaker Hossain Ershad, Vic-Chancellor in Academic Affairs of Avicenna University, has been the first who gave a speech and congratulated the World Teachers’ Day. He stated that during the history, the teachers have had a light which shows the way to the world. Dr. Ershad then added that despite the fact the Avicenna University does its best to commemorate the concept of intellectuality in this day, it is not yet honored  in a way it deserves. According to his opinions, the programs held on this day have two aspects: “Probably, some people celebrate this day just because it is a custom. In this case, it does not represent the real value of teachers. Others, for having a peaceful conscience or for ethical reasons, celebrate this day. Dr. Ershad, believes that these two perspectives toward the teachers’ Day are not appropriate and we cannot talk about the status of teachers unless we change our instrumental perspective.

The Vic-Chancellor in Academic Affairs of Avicenna University added that during these years Avicenna University has established this belief that it can tribute the teachers’ status and look at it from a cognitive point of view. The best example of this claim is the lecturers who teach in this university. They are the best in their field of studies and are here to teach in a standard way.

Vasigh Miakheil was the next lecturer in this program who congratulating the World’ Teachers Day, expressed his appreciation for being invited to the program by Avicenna University. Pointing out the status of teachers, he asserted that this status is not valued in its proper way. He addressed the students in the auditorium asking them to raise their sense of patriotism and work hard for this country. Ali Shah Ahmadi, the director of Avicenna Students Association, congratulated the World’s Teachers Day and expressed his gratitude to Students Association members. It is worth mentioning that Fatima Madadi was the announcer of the program and Fatima Jafari, Hadi Hossaini, and Rouhollah Esmail Zada presented poems regarding the status of the teachers.

(Public Relations of Avicenna University)

Photographer: Omar Sana, Student of Journalism of Avicenna University