Master’s Program

To train knowledgeable and professional human resources for Afghan universities and to help the country flourish, AU has been running master’s program in Private Law, Criminal Law and Criminology and International Relations, licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education. With increasing number of undergraduates from national and international universities and the country’s demand for skilled and professional human resources, running Master’s program appears highly crucial. This, on one hand, helps to create an independent and prosperous Afghanistan, and on the other, provides the country with internal experts. The Master’s program is, therefore, aimed at improving capacity and expertise of the country’s human resources.  For the year 2016, application for approval of new disciplines including women’s studies, journalism and philosophy are presented to the Ministry of Higher Education.


Academic Cadre

Running Master’s Program for the past three years indicates Avicenna’s educational proficiency and compliance with precise academic benchmarks. In fact, in absence of profound and long-term commitment to producing knowledge and the subsequent empowerment outcomes, the main objective of Master’s Program will not be met. Administered by erudite academic members who hold rich background in research and teaching, Avicenna remains committed to this goal. Following are AU academic members who teach Master’s courses:


Master’s Program Instructors

First Name                               Family Name               Remarks

Dr Mohammad Amin                Ahmadi

Dr Zaker Hussain                     Ershad

Dr Sardar Mohammad               Rahimi

Dr Mohammad Jawad               Salehi

Dr Mohammad Shafaq              Khavati

Dr Ghulam Haidar                    Allama

Dr Abdullah                             Shafaei

PhD Candidate, Ali Reza          Rouhani                       Authored a number of books and taught for eight years

PhD Candidate, Abdul Wahab   Karimi                         Authored two books, twelve academic papers and taught for five years

Dr Hamidullah                         Ghulami

Dr Ali Mohammad                   Mirzaei

Dr Abdul Wahed                      Afzali                          Authored a book, a number of academic essays and taught for three years

PhD Candidate, Abdul Hussain Rasouli                         Authored five book, seven academic articles and taught for five years

Dr Mohammad Nader               Wardak

Dr Sayed Ja’afar                       Ahmadi

Dr Ali Reza                              Sadeqi

Dr Abbas                                  Basir