Department of Instructors and Students Affairs

In order to implement the provisions of university statute and other legislative documents regarding the affairs of professors and students and to regulate teaching and student affairs, the Department of Instructors and Students Affairs was established in accordance with Article 35 of the University Statute in 2019.

Employees of Instructors and Student Affairs:

  1. Directorate of Instructors and Students Affairs

Full Name: Saifullah Akbari

Education: Master of International Relations

Date of birth: 1992


  1. Educational Management:

Full Name: Nader Ali Alizada

Education: Bachelor of Economy

Date of Birth: 1988


  1. Database Management

Name: Rohullah Hassani

Education Level: Master in Software Engineering

Date of Birth: 21-May-1990

Personal email:

Official email:


– Social media expert in Zoodmall – Switzerland.

– Database & Website Manger in Afghanistan Academy of Sciences.

– IT & Database Manager of Aburayhan Institute of Higher Education.

– IT & Database Manager of Saber Institute of Higher Education.

– Social media Graphic designer in Alzahra University – Iran.

– Introduction to computer science Teacher in Aburayhan Institute of Higher Education.

– SEO of SarkoHost, SarkoWeb and HassaniWP companies.

Database Manager:

Database manager controls all educational resources: Database support, Educational plans, Create classes and subjects in education system, Score control, Control of all faculties, Students and teachers affairs is responsible for the system.

Description of Database manager tasks:

– Creating semester curricula in the database.

– Review and confirm the credit selection of students.

– Modification (removal and addition) of students courses according to students demand.

– Create a user (username and password) for professors, teachers, staff and students in the database.

– Register introductory courses with professors and guests in the database.

– Modify and record revised scores in the database.

– Collaborate to supervise the final semester exam.

– Continuous review of the user related to the database and reporting of possible problems to the department of professors, teacher and students.

– Continuous review of possible problems in the work process of the relevant department and its report to the department of professors, teacher and students.

– Report to higher authorities as soon as possible

  1. Graduate Management

Full Name: Mohammad Reza Arman

Education: Bachelor of Russian Literature

Date of Birth: 1388