Quality Assurance

Avicenna University has established Quality Assurance Committee for development and promotion of academic quality and accreditation, implementation of quality indicators and accreditation in a durable manner considering article 3 and 4 of higher education law.

Efforts are made on promoting quality of education which is one of the prophecies of Avicenna University. Quality Assurance Committee of Avicenna University is responsible for promotion of quality of education. Quality Assurance Committee of the University is collecting data required for maintenance and planning, monitoring and evaluation of educational situation for the purpose of bringing improvements at the end.

This committee has started its activities in 2011 directed by Dr. Ali Yawar Akbari and took over by Dr. Yahya Waqar. Currently Dr. Jawad Haidary is the director of this department. Avicenna University has successfully passed second step of quality assurance process and is working hard for the passing of third step.