Academic Cadres

Academic cadre is one of the main factors of academic field. This faculty has attracted experienced, skilled and highly educated cadres which created success at Avicenna University.

No Complete Name Education Level Books and Articles Authored
1 Mohammad Amir Noori Ph.D Student in Economics – Poverty and Development Phenomenon

– Mawzo Shinasi Riba and its role in Economics

– Khoms, Challenges and Strategies (this book is the best book of 2005 in Iran)

– Causes and Consequences of Addiction in Afghanistan

– General Tax and Tax System in Afghanistan

– Evaluation of Civil Services Practices in Afghanistan; applied research

2 Dr. Mohammad Yahya Waqar PHD in Management and HR
3 Mustafa Ibrahimi PHD in Agricultural Economics
4 Mohammad Hadi Akbari Ph.D Student in Management
5 Dr. Mohammad Jawad Haidari PHD in Development
6 Zaher Akbari Ph.D in Management
7 Mohammad Reza Rahimi Ph.D in Management