Academic Cadres Of CS Faculty

  • Jawid Hussain Fazaeli, MCA from India
  • Ali Aqa Nasiri, MCS from Germany
  • Mohammad Dawood Frotan Master of IT from Iran
  • Ahmad Zia Bahrami Master of IT from India
  • Aqa Mostafa Akhlaqi Master of IT from Germany

Computer Science Faculty of Avicenna University has many permanent national and foreign academic cadres having at least master degree, has established a very different educational environment. This faculty has put efforts for capacity building of academic cadres and attracting lecturers with higher education level. Based on the market needs for higher degrees and the need for hiring PHD lecturers, this faculty is trying to get license for master degree from the ministry of higher education.

Lecturers of Computer Science Faculty

No Name Sure Name Education Level Location Degree Received Types of Involvement Field of Education
1 Ahmad Zia Bahrami Master India Cadre CS
2 Jawid Hussain Fazaeli Master India Cadre CS
3 Mohammad Salim Saeey PHD Istonia Cadre CS
4 Ali Aqa Nasiri Master Germany CS
5 Dawood Mirzaee PHD Iran
6 Bismilla Hussaini Master Germany CS
7 Dawood Frotan Master Iran CS
8 Khadija Jafari Master Iran CS
9 Noor Mohammad Atapoor Master Germany CS
10 Reza Hussain Zada Master India Mathematics
11 Tawfiq Popal Master Japan CS
12 Ammar Rohani Master Iran English Language