Head of the founder board of Avicenna university

Biography of Dr. Ershad

Dr. Zaker Hussain Ershad was born in 1975 in Qarsob area of ​​Jaghato district in the ancient province of Ghazni, Afghanistan. He completed his primary education in his hometown and left for Iran in 1991 to continue his studies. Dr. Ershad first started Islamic studies at Amir al-Momenin school in Tehran and then continued and completed his Islamic studies at the fourth level Kharich in Qom. Dr. Ershad entered the Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute in 1998 and completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in political science at this Institute. Dr. Ershad entered the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Tehran University in 2006 to continue his studies and began his doctoral course in political sciences in this university and in 20012 he defended his doctoral dissertation with the title “National Government and Development in Afghanistan” with the highest degree. In 2013, Dr. Ershad entered the University of California, USA to complete a special training course for world scholars and successfully completed this course at the University of California, USA.

After completing his master’s degree, Dr. Ershad also started his cultural activities, the most important of which can be mentioned below:

  1. Founded a “New Strategy Cultural Institute and publication of the “New Strategy” monthly.
  2. Launching of Sanai Quarterly: Dr.Ershad resumed his work as the director of cultural activities in this quarterly and worked in this quarterly for one year.
  3. Membership in the contemporary history research group at the Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute and conducting research on contemporary history focusing on the process of constitutionalism in Afghanistan. Dr. Ershad has worked in the research groups of Imam Khomeini Institute in addition to educational programs.
  4.  Membership in the policy group of Ayendeh Roshan Research Institute. At the same time, Dr. Ershad was able to carry out his research work in the research groups at Ayendeh Roshan Institute, the result of which is the publication of a book titled Futurology.

Dr. Ershad’s activities in Afghanistan:

Dr.Ershad officially started his work after completing his doctorate courses in Afghanistan in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan in late 2007. The most important cultural and academic activities of Dr. Ershad in Afghanistan can be categorized as follows:

  1. Consultant in the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan and member of the board of authors of the textbooks of the Ministry of Education in 2007
  2. Founding member of Kateb University: Dr. Ershad, with his colleagues and academic elites, established Kateb University in 2007, and in addition to teaching, he worked as the dean of the political science faculty in this university for three years.
  3. In 2010, with several other scholars, he founded the first non-profit university in Afghanistan, Avicenna University, in Kabul. In addition to being the founder and full-time professor of the political science faculty, Dr.Ershad worked as the dean of the political science faculty for three years from 2010 to 2013, and from 2013 to 2018 as the academic vice president of Avicenna University. Since 2018, Dr. Ershad has been elected as the chairman of the board of founders of Avicenna University and is working.
  4. Founding member of the University of Ghargistan: Dr. Ershad, while working at Avicenna University, along with other professors, founded the University of Ghargistan.
  5. Vice President of Academic Affairs of the Union of Private Universities of Afghanistan: Dr. Ershad joined the Union of Private Universities of Afghanistan from 2013 and started working in this union as the vice president of culture and continued as the vice of communication. Since 2017 has been working as Academic Affairs of the Union of Private Universities of Afghanistan.
  6. Advisor to the Director General of Administrative office of the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan until 15 August 2021.
  7. Teaching at the political science faculty of the University of Bucharest, Romania: after the collapse of the political system in Afghanistan in August 2021, Dr. Ershad left Afghanistan for Romania due to receiving an official invitation from the University of Bucharest and he is teaching at the University of Bucharest.
  8. Founder of Paik Aftab News Agency in Kabul: Dr. Ershad, in addition to being active in national and international Radios, TVs and written media and always participating in daily media discussions, also founded “Paik Aftab” news agency in Kabul. This news agency continues to work despite all the challenges in Afghanistan.
  9. Founding member of Soroush Sina School: Dr. Ershad, in addition to being active in the field of higher education, his career can be noted in the field of education as well. Dr. Ershad, with other professors, established a school in one of the deprived areas of Kabul and made the environment for the education of the children of deprived families more favorable. Now hundreds of poor children are studying in this school.
  10. Cultural activities: Dr. Ershad is trying with all his might to help talented students who have missed out on education and to facilitate their educational fields in European universities. So far, it has managed to provide more than 45 scholarships for his students. Dr. Ershad is determined that this process will continue to gain more scope and provide more educational opportunities.
  11. Scientific works: In addition to having more than a dozen scientific articles published in domestic and foreign journals, Dr. Ershad was the editor in charge of Sina book and three of his books were published in the field of politics. Supervising more than hundreds of dissertations in different universities is another record that he has in his academic record.
  12. Teaching: Dr.Ershad has been teaching at various domestic and foreign universities in the field of political science in two bachelor’s and master’s degrees for more than fourteen years. The most important teaching subjects of Dr. Ershad were political thoughts, theories of international relations, security theories and development.