Universal reflection of one student activity from Avicenna University

Abdul Nasir Folad is a postgraduate student of international relationship of political science of Avicenna University. Folad during four years of university beside of academic and class activities, introduced as an active student over the university. One of his achievements in university was establishing of ‘Student gathering’ in Avicenna university that in fact by his and his classmates plans and activities this gathering is known as a popular and effective gathering in whole universities. In addition in Darang monthly-a student publish, Folad was the manager of that monthly and held his responsibility by tactfully and intellectually, surely the stability of Student gathering of university and another findings depend on his hard working and being a responsible student. Folad is an educated student and he has educational, cultural, social and political activities. On 4 April of 2017, his activity in Peace building and conflict resolution was posted by ‘US peace institute’ from Washington DC-central office. That report described his activity in this case, “…Folad took classes for improving of peace and as representative of peace process he started his activity in controversial society of Afghanistan. Furthermore he had prominent role in these classes and taught for 400 young generations related to peace process”. Also on that report Folad was introduced as best peace trainer in Afghanistan. One of his appropriate schemes in peace building in Afghanistan is creating of peace building and conflict resolution book for governmental and private universities that people should encourage to apply peace with knowing of its benefits based on knowledge. Folad has aim to continue his mastery education in USA, to become a specialist and educated person in future to serve to our people. Folad not only studied political science, but he also learnt a short journalism program in 2012 in ‘Afghanistan journalist council’ and he graduated as master trainer from US peace institute. In journalism activities, to reinforce of journalism, now he is principal of Daikondi journalism council. Moreover he was the chief of ‘youth educational government commission’-a similar government for youth based on governmental regime.


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