Avicenna University – Construction Project Report

Subject: Progress Report for the Month of October

A. Project Background

Avicenna University as the first and the only non-for-profit university in Afghanistan began the delivery of high quality educational services for the people in 2010 by the Afghans who returned to the country from abroad to serve Afghan people. Though, the university is charging fees against its educational services but the NGOs law does not allow the university revenues to be spent for personal gains. The university revenues spent on the university’s own development, researches and programs quality. Part of the university’s development program is construction of AVC aiming for the university to have its own permanent campus which is located in Omide Sabz Township, South-west of Kabul.

B. Rationale of the Report

The AU complex is a construction project and the foundation is already established. This project will be mainly constructed through internal and external sources. Internal sources are the revenues of the university coming out of student’s fees and charges, project income and other sources that are received by the university activities implementation which is the minor funding source of the project. The major funding source of the project is external including charity provided through individuals and entities willing to support AU. The university is committed to be transparent in the expenditures and be accountable to donors who somehow helped university in the implementation of this project. AU has also committed to document all the inflows and outflows of cash and in-kinds in details, develop report and share with the public so that the public and specifically the project funders will understand the amount and the methods of expending the public funds.  This report will list all the sources supporting the project and also accounts all the expenses of the project.

C.Project Expenses

1.Contract between Avicenna University and Omran Holding Group

Avicenna University has contracted with Omran Holding Group to design the architecture of the new complex and the design is completed. The amount of this contract is 53750 USD and OHG offered a discount of 34000 USD and received 19750 USD for the design of the complex.

2.Contract between AU and Gholghola Group

AU has announced the work of excavation and all the procurement process has been finalized. The procurement committee decided to contract excavation of the complex with Gholghola Group and the contract has been signed. The cost of the contract was 85000 USD and the selected company has excavated around 42000 m3 soil and around 50003 soil leveled for free.

3.Contract of AU with Mahmoodi Brothers on Production of Concrete

Avicenna Univesity completed the bidding process and Mahmoodi Brothers Company was selected to provide concrete for the complex. The cost of per m3 concrete is determined 15 USD and the foundation of both phases are completely concreted. Pillars and walls of first floors and its roof have completed and for completing this work, 65649 USD paid to the company and 16530 USD also need to be paid.

4.Contract of AU with Mr. Najib Mozaffari

Avicenna Univesity completed the bidding process for concrete placing, bar-banding and shuttering and Mr. Najib Mozffari was selected and signed the contract. Based on this contract first and second phases of the foundation Shuttering, bard banding and concrete placing will be done and pillars and walls of first floor will be completed and they are in the stage of Shuttering, bard banding and concrete placing for the second floor. An amount of 58826 USD is paid and 21794 USD should be paid.

5. Contract between AU and Sedaqat Etimad Construction Company for Provision of Construction Materials

Avicenna University has contracted with Sedaqat Etimad Construction Company to provide different kinds of crashes (Nakhoti, Badami and Shosta) and per m3 sand has contracted 11 USD. All the materials needed for the concrete plantation of the foundation of first and second phases and pillars of first phase are provided. For this contract, 46212 USD is paid and 3707 USD need to be paid.

6. Contract between AU and Ayate Afghan Company for Testing Construction Materials

Avicenna University has contracted with Ayate Afghan Company to test all the construction materials. AAC has tested all the materials used up to date and committed to test these materials for free without any charges.

7. Contract between AU and Omega Electrical Services

Avicenna University has announced the electrical works of the complex in May 2019 and after the completion of the bidding process, Omega Electrical Services has been selected to complete the electrical works of the complex and the contract is signed. The company completed electrical works of first floor of phase 1 and AU need to pay 3762 USD for them.

8. AU contract with Garmafan Company on heating, cooling, water piping and wastage system

AU has selected Garmafan Company after completion of the bidding process to work on the heating, cooling, water piping and wastages systems. The work has started by the company and the total contract for this work is 632781 USD.

Gross payment by AU for the project



Contracted Company Subject of Contract Paid Amount (USD) Due Amount
1 Omran Holding Group Architectural Design 19750
2 Gholghola Group Excavation 85000
3 Ettifaq Chahe Amiq Company Digging Well 9456
4 Rahim Gardezi Trading Company Purchasing 55 tons of Bar 250000
5 Siman Zabol Industrial Company Purchasing 555 ton of Cement 30589
6 Khashroodi Brothers Company Government Liaison and costumes clearance 37332
7 Haji Hakim Transportation Company Transportation of Cement from Nimroz to Kabul 45551
8 Ettifaq Arya Construction Company Purchasing concrete placing materials 2670
9 Sedaqat Etimad Construction Company Purchasing of concrete placing materials 46212
10 Najib Mozaffari Bar-banding and shuttering and placing of concrete 58826
11 Mahmoodi Brothers Provision of concrete 65649
12 Mr. Amir Assadi Animation and Sounding 2460
13 Purchasing materials for well 5045
14 Gholghola Group Improving electricity to phase 5 2518
15 Zamzam Folad Trading Co LTD Purchasing 507 ton Sikh 120582
16 Other costs including  construction of store, installation of machines, gabion for protecting project boundaries and staff salary 55000
17 Norzai Brothers Cement Purchasing 355 cements 18194
18 Mohammad Zaman Cement Purchasing of Cements 25932
19 Motmayeen Regration Purchasing of Crash 5640
20 Haji Kamran Regration Purchasing of Crash 9894
Total 896300

Payments need to be done



Contracted Company Subject of Contract Paid Amount (USD) Due Amount
1 Mahmoodi Brothers Provision of Concrete 16530
2 Sedaqat Etimad Co Provision of Materials for Concrete placing 3707
3 Najib Mozaffari Bar Banding, Shuttering, Concrete placing 1700000 AFN
4 Zamzam Folad Trading Co LTD Purchasing 130 ton Bar 74490
5 Mohammad Zaman Cement Purchasing 2100 Cements 648000 AFN
6 Motmayeen Regration (Haji Reza) Purchasing of Crashes 85500 AFN
7 Omega Electricity Services Electricity system establishment for first basement 3762
8 Ismail Back Filling of foundation 3000
Total 97782 USD

2433500 AFN

Liability of the Project from Individuals

No Individual/company Subject of the contract Due amount to be paid (USD)
1 Mohammad Amin Ahmadi Purchasing of 55 tons of Armartor for walls and pillars of first floor 23254

Project Progress

Avicenna University has completed architectural design, structure design, water piping system design, electricity system and canalization as well as excavation, leveling, bar banding, shuttering and concrete placing of the foundation, pillars and wall and concrete placing of first floor. The university is working on bar banding, shuttering for the pillars and walls of the second floor.

The total cost of this project is estimated to be around 10 M USD and the value of 1300000 USD is contracted with companies for the construction of the foundation and concrete placing of the first two floors and the value of 896300 USD paid to the commitments. Out of this amount paid by the university, 73.2% is covered through the university revenues, 26.8% is covered through the public assistance and 128940 USD need to be paid by AU. AU needs 128049 USD to pay for the obligations of the contracts. There are 50 persons working daily on the site from the beginning of the project and till now AU spent 717 tons of Bars, 5600 M3 concrete and 2295 tons Cements.

Sources of Funds

The amount of money spent on the abovementioned contracts and works are funded through the following sources:

  1. Avicenna University’s Internal Sources funded amount of 627785 USD which comprises 70.6% of the total funds.
  2. Public Assistance funded amount of 238268 USD which comprises 26.8 % of the total funds.
  3. Personal loans 23254 USD which comprises 2.6% of the total funds.

Public Assistance

Students Assistance:             400 USD and 178086 AFN

AU Lecturers Assistance:     0 USD and 1440120 AFN

Entrepreneurs Assistance: 13200 USD and 65000 AFN

Politicians and Civil Society Activists: 51200 USD and 190000 AFN

European Afghans: 415 USD, 600 Euros and 50000 AFN

Canadian Afghans: 2600 USD and 0 AFN

Australian Afghans: Australian Afghans contribution was not significant before Dr. Ahmadi’s travel to Australia after his travel and campaign for this project, the amount of funds increased significantly. AU has received some of the funds which are reported in this document and the rest of funds will be received at the later stages of the construction which will be mentioned in the later reports. The total amount received and spent to date is 87509 USD and 4664700 AFN.

List of Contributions of Australian Afghans before Dr. Ahmadi’s Travel

No. Complete name of the organization/Person Assistance in USD Assistance in AFN
1 Haji Danish 3320 0
2 Baba Mazari Foundation in Australia 6850 0
3 Baba Mazari Foundation in Australia The cost of visa, return ticket from Kabul to Australia and back, stay in delhi for one night for Dr. Ahmadi

List of contributions of Australian Afghans after Dr. Ahmadi’s Travel

No Name of the organization/individual Amount (USD) Amount (AFN) Comment
1 Melborne Afghans in the First Round 23000 0
2 Aghile Oruzgan Association 9950 0
3 Aghile Dawood Association 4389 0
4 Kateb Association (Markaze Islami Ershad) Greenwell Branch – Sydney 0 3000000
5 Ahlobait Islamic Center – Perth City 0 1664700
6 Melborne Afghans in the Second Round 40000 0
Total 87509 4664700

Australian Afghans’ Assistances are spent on the following items:

No. Contractor Subject of the Contract Amount Paid (USD) Comments
1 Sedaqat Etimad Construction Company Purchasing construction materials for the foundation of second phase 8696
2 Mr. Najib Mozaffari Bar-banding and shuttering 16736
3 Mahmoodi Brothers Provision of concrete for the second phase 13000
4 Zamzam Folad Trading Co. LTD Purchasing of 57 tons of Bar 45000
5 Mohammad Zaman Cement Provision of Cement for the first floor 11289
6 Motmaeen Regration Provision of Crash 1717
Total 96438

Conclusion: The total amount assisted by Australian Afghans till the date is 96936 USD and out of this amount, 96438 USD is spent on the construction of the university complex and only 4985 USD is deposited to AU bank account.