Afghanistan’s Criminal Procedure’ Is Released

Criminal Procedure is a sub-discipline of Law which focuses on observing justice in legal-judicial bodies such as police, attorney office and courts. Criminal procedure supports “Substantive Criminal Law” to practice guidelines related to suspects, accused, convicted and victims of crimes. Countries will not able to comply with principles of fairness and justice for their citizens in criminal cases unless they keep fair criminal codes and principles. In other words, criminal procedures are invaluable tool and a strong supporting arm for written legal sources to help implement criminal law. A country without effective and efficient criminal procedures, even though having a rich “substantive criminal law”, will not succeed in implementing just criminal provisions.
It is the latest book authored by Dr. Ghulam Haidar Allamah, an AU law professor and is the most recent work published by Avicenna Publication Unit. The book contains 313 pages. We extend our appreciation to Dr. Allamah and congratulation on this to all AU faculty members and the entire academic community.

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