Impacts of Climate Change on Afghanistan Waters

Avicenna is one of the two Afghan Universities that were selected by USAID through a highly competitive process between Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan to implement a two-year research project on impacts of climate change on Afghanistan waters. Avicenna will lead the project implementation, in cooperation with Bamyan and US California Universities. The project researcher, Ms. Sediqa Hassani, is quoted as saying that project findings will underpin the country’s plans and decisions on water programs. Mr. Hassanyar, also a project researcher in Bamyan University, added that International Institutions have declared Afghanistan as one of the most vulnerable countries against climate change and, thus, lack of sufficient related information and studies may impede taking proper initiatives and developing effective programs to address climate change impacts on the country’s water resources.

Building academic and scientific cooperation between Afghan universities and those of the neighboring countries is a primary goal of the research program. Accordingly, academic communities of the region could hold deliberations over water related problems and discover likely solutions.