‘The Social’ was one of the world’s most significant occurrences following ‘Enlightenment’. The Social created a new scope for thinking and academic contemplations. Constitution of social sciences, as one of the most fundamental epistemic forms of the modern world, was considered an outcome of emergence of The Social. Sociology, amongst all social science disciplines, clearly stands out. Sociology was aimed at understanding and explaining the modern society and its problems and related events. The attempt to understand modern society led to birth of consciousness that had no precedence in epistemic system of the western nations. The consciousness was born out of disintegration of traditional knowledge and a breakup with old conceptual system, theoretical and methodological foundations.
Sociology transformed the western world by changing mentality of the westerners. Since then, sociology has remained at the center of humanities and has expanded considerably. Expansion of the discipline has brought about a set of epistemic outcomes and accomplishments meant to facilitate comprehension of the world.
Major Subjects
Other than theoretical and methodological debates, sociology covers the most important spheres of social life. More than just theoretical understanding of social subjects, the discipline trains students to handle social projects and researches. Some important subjects include:
    Introduction to Sociology,
    Sociology Theories,
    Theoretical and Practical Research Methods (SPSS),
    General and Social Psychology,
    Education Sociology,
    Development Sociology,
    Political Sociology,
    Sociology of Industry,
    Family Sociology,
    Sociology of War,
    Sociology of Organizations,
    Sociology of Revolution,
    Sociology of Inequalities and Social Stratification,
    Sociology of Communication and Media,
    Sociology and Arts and Literature,
    Urban and Rural Sociology,
    Sociology of Religion,
    Analysis of Afghanistan Social Issues
     Social Movements, and
    Academic Writing Methods
The essence of sociology is to bring emancipation. Only through scientific reason could the man lead his way to emancipation. Promotion of sociology and its crucial role in academic areas created a new tool to comprehend, explain and interpret human behaviors. Using scientific reason, sociology has made recognition of human world possible.