English Literature

Translation of English Language

Is it possible to know about culture of nations and also academic and cultural improvements and literature and artistic mutations of inhabitants of the world without knowing English Language which is the international language? And is that possible to ignore the value of reading the literary works of great scholars like Shakespeare, Moliere, Dickens, Proust, and hundreds of other world’s philosophers and scholars? It is where to approve the importance of foreign languages faculty especially English Language major. Every country needs erudite and strong translators and interpreters in order to have political, social, economic, academic, cultural and even religious relationships.

Needed abilities

Student of English Language must not consider higher education institutes as a place to learn elementary level of language but he/she must be known to English Language prior to attending university and must get familiar with rules and methods and translation and linguistics or literature of English in the university. Besides, a student of translation must be fully aware of the origin language (Dari and Pashto) because translating from any language to the origin language needs higher skills in language and writing of the origin language in addition to skills in English language. Of course, merely knowing the two languages cannot change a person into a translator but the student must have good general information. For example, it is not possible to not know anything about philosophy and to translate a philosophy book or without knowing the biography, thoughts, and the living era of the author, it is not possible to translate one of his/her books.

Job opportunity

Succeeded student of translation faculty has noticeable job opportunities after graduating from studies. He/she can be hired in printed and electronic press, radio and television, news agencies, ministry of foreign affairs and other ministries or can work with the organizations and private companies which are in relation with abroad and need translators.