Strategic Objectives of Law Department

  1. Continuing improvement of quality education in the area of criminal law both theoretically and practically in criminal law department.
  2. Addressing academic sources shortages of law based on the country’s laws and regulations
  3. Expanding and empowerment of academic cadres of the department
  4. Promotion of the department in the local, national and regional market
  5. Establishment of new fields such as International Criminal Law and Child Criminal Law in the Master degree.
  6. Maximum use of students capacity
  7. Expansion of researches of the department
  8. Expansion and deepening of academic research activities
  9. Publication of research and academic magazine
  10. Creating and maintaining completion power in service delivery
  11. Equipping the department with learning and research facilities through engaging chancellor and vice chancellors of the university.
  12. Efforts for promoting the quality of lives of the academic cadres of the department.
  13. Efforts for developing projects
  14. Promoting students employability and introducing them to the public and private sector for employment
  15. Cooperation with the justice and judicial systems on the evaluation of rimes, its causes and consequences especially for women and children.