Criminal Law

Criminal law

The undergraduate degree of law major in this institute is designed and approved professionally and independent from political science themes from the onset and includes general studies, fundamental, professional and selective subjects and dear students, not only receive credible bachelor document of law which is approved by Ministry of Higher Education but also can work as judge, attorney general, lawyer, legal consultant, expert and analyzer of legal issues, and lecturer of law themes with their successful pass.

Overall concepts of criminal law and criminology subjects:

  1. Knowledge of penalties
  2. Forensic medicine
  3. International criminal law
  4. Prevention from crime
  5. Criminal law of Islam
  6. Public and private criminal law
  7. Criminology
  8. Reasons of proving the case
  9. Organized crimes
  10. Elements of penal trails
  11. Law texts in foreign language
  12. Elements of civic trails
  13. International private and public laws
  14. Civic laws
  15. Business laws
  16. Rules of penal jurisprudence
  17. Kids’ violations
  18. Fundamentals of Islamic law’s presumption
  19. Amendment based justice
  20. Criminal politic
  21. Knowledge of victims
  22. Human rights
  23. Academic police
  24. International judgment