Finance & Banking Management

2.    Banking and Finance Management
Managing a country’s economy becomes possible through financial and monetary controls to be initiated by targeted specific planning and concluded by highly precise control and monitoring. Financial planning will optimize use of national human and non-human resources. Banking and Finance Management serves as a critical tool to adopt and manage expansionary and contractionary monetary policies. Accurate examination of banking functions can specify appropriate monetary policies and reveal reasons as why some economic policies are not implemented.

Financial and banking management faculty was founded in Avicenna to address this crucial need. The faculty is expected to develop related knowledge and meet the needs of financial and monetary institutions in both public and private sectors.

Financial and banking management, as an academic discipline, will introduce students to the descriptive and analytic aspects of monetary theories, national and international banking, basics of management, financial and human resources management, legal topics, accounting and auditing.

Looking into its diverse areas of practice, financial and banking management is divided into national (e.g. monetary and financial planning, organizing administrative structures, managing branches, credits, information, investment, public relations, services, etc.) and international banking (e.g. imports-related issues, credits, LCs, trade bills, currency arbitrage, etc.). Each of the two areas needs certain specific and some common information.

Required Competencies
To get a good grasp of this discipline, a strong command of mathematics is necessary. Banking and Finance students shall have strong management and finance analytical power. Likewise, they need to be focused and precise.

Job opportunities
Banking and finance experts enjoy a wide range of job offers. They may get hired in different institutions, from a small organization to multinational companies, to manage their financial system.