Economic & Management Faculty

Economics and Management Faculty

Economics is focused on three major knowledge spheres: understanding economic phenomena, factors influencing them and their internal relations for the purpose of short-term, mid-term and long-term plans to advance welfare, progress and development of a country at micro and macro levels.
Taking that into account and to address vital needs of Afghanistan’s transitional economy to economic planning, setting up strategic programs and defining the future prospect, Avicenna Faculty of Economics and Management was founded in 2010 including two departments: Business Economics and Banking and Finance Management. The faculty aims at nurturing intellectual capacity of students and give them hands-on training to be able to both continue their studies at world class universities and get equipped to successfully compete in employment market.

To make it happen, the faculty possesses the required means, including, in particular, the faculty members who hold enough expertise in related teaching areas. They have received Masters, PhD and Doctoral candidate degrees from Iran, Germany, and Japan. Professors are assigned to their most appropriate fields of study so that efficient services are provided, using best teaching methods. Moreover, academic seminars are conducted to help students get a precise and clear picture of contemporary economic and management issues in Afghanistan and across the globe. Students also pay visits to economic centers and production lines through regular AU facilitated study tours.