Economic & Management Faculty

Introduction of Economics and Management Faculty of Avicenna University

World’s facilities and resources are very limited compared to human greedy needs. The gap between facilities and resources available in the world from one hand and unlimited wants and needs of human being from other hand leaded to scarcity of resources. Scarcity of resources and facilities made human being to diagnose ways and strategies to use of the limited and scarce resources to address unlimited needs. Organized, academic and coordinated realization of these strategies is the responsibilities of economic field. Economic field is creating academic, theoretical and applied strategies to balance between these two situations.

Poverty trap, underdevelopment and economic stagnation are the calamities that Afghan people have felt them more than any other nations in the world. Considering the scare resources and lack of human resources capacity in optimal utilization available resources, demand for skilled, professional and quality human resources to combat poverty and work on development of Afghanistan is very high. Focusing on these needs, exploration of academic ways of combatting underdevelopment and optimal management of resources in the country are the main motivation behind establishing this faculty at Avicenna University. This faculty is established in 2010 with two departments including business economic and banking and financial management. The main objective of this faculty is development of intellectual ability of students in modern academic way so that graduates will be able to continue their education in the international universities and also be able to practically apply their knowledge and skills in the labor market.

Faculty of Economics and Management of Avicenna University for reaching its objectives have great intellectual figures who have Masters, PHD degrees from internationally and regionally  high ranked universities of Germany, Japan, Australia and Iran. Lecturers who authored many books and research-based articles in their fields. Lecturers are trying to use the most updated teaching methodologies and bringing updated achievements related to economic and management issues to the class through lectures and seminars. They are also trying to identify the most recent economic and management challenges of the country and analyze, discuss and present them in the class. For the time being, the faculty is only delivering bachelor degrees. With the availability of PHD lecturers and many years of delivering bachelor degrees, we are hoping to get the license of Master’s degree in the coming years.