Information Technology


IT focuses on analysis, design, development, launch, security, support and management of computer information systems, particularly software and hardware programs and computer networks.

Course Objective

train and prepare students to design, build, launch, troubleshoot, secure and manage computer networks and hardware devices.

Graduates Abilities

IT graduates will be able to undertake significant jobs, some of which include the following:

  1. Evaluating, appraising and using computer software and hardware;
  2. Assessing software and hardware needs and shortfalls in industrial and service areas, ascertaining requirements, studying feasibility and determining required means and human resources to address the needs that are previously identified;
  3. Analyzing computer networks and hardware and presenting appropriate solutions;
  4. Designing, developing, launching, securing, backing up and maintaining computer networks for small and medium size companies
  5. Delivering computer designs, installation, testing and training;
  6. Backing up and maintaining software systems including troubleshooting and adding new facilities to the existing systems;
  7. Troubleshooting computer systems and networks;
  8. Managing computer networks. 

Job Opportunities

  1. Designing, installing and maintain Local Area Network;
  2. Installing, maintaining and troubleshooting LAN/WAN Servers;
  3. Cabling, testing and troubleshooting;
  4. Repairing computer equipment (software and hardware);
  5. Analyzing and identifying software and hardware computer system problems;
  6. Designing, installing and maintaining wireless networks;
  7. Managing and securing networks;
  8. Designing and developing internet service application;
  9. Serve as teachers and faculty members in universities and educational and academic centers.
  10. Establishing private companies to provide software services to companies, banks, government agencies, etc.
  11. Working in big industrial, government and service organizations;
  12. Developing electronic governance systems;
  13. Etc.