United States Institute for Peace Members Joint Session with Academic Representatives of Avicenna University

Members of USIP met with academic representatives of Avicenna University on Sunday 25, July 2020. The session was held by the following figures participating: Dr. Amin Ahmadi, Chancellor of Avicenna University and member of Afghan Peace Negotiation Team, Dr. Zaker Hossein Irshad, Head of Board of Founders of Avicenna University, Mozaffar Khawari, Dean of Political Sciences Faculty, Dr. Afzali, Dean of Law Faculty, Dr. Ali Yawar Akbari, Dean of Social Sciences Faculty, Abdul Naser Folad, Master Trainer for Peace, Noor Mohammad Atapoor, Assistant in Research Affairs , and Mohammad Ihsan Zia, Chief of USIP in Afghanistan, Homayoon Milad, the In-charge for Peace Process of USIP.

Starting the session Dr. Amin Ahamadi mentioned that the key to actualizing peace and causing effect on peace process is to get the beneficiary parties involved. According to Dr. Ahmadi, by integrating social beneficiary parties including the youth, women, ulama, teachers, journalists and war victims we can popularize the peace process, making it efficient. He added that Avicenna University is ready to hold programs and carry out academic researches on peace. Moreover, he stated that Avicenna University possesses the full capacity to play its role regarding peace in the country.

Dr. Mohammad Ihsan Zia, chief of USIP in Afghanistan mentioned that the Institute has kicked off programs and sessions on peace, which are locked down due to COVID-19 pandemic. He also added that their researches show that war predominantly originates from poverty and internal causes rather that external ones. He further added that by propagating sound intentions and optimism we can overcome the challenges. According to him, using the elements of sustainable peace in the coming sessions will further add to efficacy of such programs.

At the end of the session Mr. Ihsan Zia was awarded two invaluable academic pieces “Quadrangular Theory of Peace”, an article written by Dr. Amin Ahmadi, and “Human Rights in International Relations” authored by David P. Forsythe and translated by Dr. Ahmadi.

It is worth mentioning that a two-day session on the topic of “The Discourse of the Beneficiary Parties’ Role in Social Peace Building” will be held at Avicenna University in partnership with USIP.