The second scientific webinar at Avicenna University

Avicenna University held its second scientific webinar on September/27th/2022, with the presence of Dr. Mohammad Jawad Haidari, vice chancellor of academic affairs, Dr. Mohammad Zahir Halimi, financial and administrative vice chancellor, heads of faculties, lecturers, and some students from student association.

First, Mr. Abdul Hamid Mahmoudi, the mediator of the program, while appreciated the attendees for their sincere presence, invited Professor Ali Amiri, the special guest of the program, to start his talk on the subject (science and social developments).

Then Professor Ali Amiri, while thanking the officials of Avicenna University and the organizers of the program, and spoke about the topic. His main points are as following.

1- The internal logic of science: the internal logic of science is stable, which is explained and guaranteed by science. Science must have an internal logic that can be explained by, itself.

2- Subject or topic of science: The Subject of science is historical and dependent to social developments. Science takes its subjects and tittles from social realities that are able to be changed. He asked the question that if the characteristic of science turns a phenomenon into a problem, so what should be turned into a question, he discussed in detail and answered the questions of the participants at the end.

In continuing of webinar, Dr. Mohammad Jawad Haidari, vice chancellor of academic affairs, regarding whether will scientific logic be changed with the coming of political issues or a new system; He added that science always finds its own paths and the arrival of a new system does not make important changes to scientific logic, science itself searches for problems and science can be a source of political and social change.

Finally, Dr. Mohammad Zahir Halimi, Financial and Administrative vice chancellor, appreciated Professor Amiri and other participants, considered the holding such webinars and scientific programs with scientific elites worthwhile and valuable and he emphasized to continue such programs.