The Center for Development and Women’s Studies

Women are the most vulnerable social strata in Afghanistan. Despite all the efforts made so far, lack of sufficient awareness and little cognition of women continues to be the major hurdle. This, in addition to many other factors, has not only marginalized women but also excluded them from social sphere and historical consciousness. In Afghanistan, women have always suffered from an inferior position than man. This has exposed them to severe predicament and intense tragedies, from constant inequality at the household level to macro level of social, cultural, political and economic structures.

As per its mandate and academic commitment, Avicenna has taken the very fundamental step to empowering women and advancing their status through academic institution building. Avicenna’s leading position on this is expected to make productive contribution to improve situation of the most vulnerable social strata, particularly women, increase society’s awareness about women and push forward women’s struggle to get the position they deserve and reduce inequalities affecting women.


  • Improving women’s status in community through short-term and long-term trainings;
  • For the very first time in the country, conducting women’s studies as an academic discipline;
  • Conducting fundamental researches on women-related issues;
  • Raising public awareness on women;
  • Educating elite women and future leaders on political, economic and social issues;
  • Training women as experts and administrative and academic cadre members in a variety of social matters, focusing on women’s issues;
  • Empowering women to advocate and struggle to get their constitutional and civil rights.

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